Joanna Lumley on the brink of insanity: Hypnosis Cured Panic Attacks


As an actress she has appeared to take it all in her stride, and in her campaigning for Gurkhas’ rights she showed a notably cool head under fire.  But Joanna Lumley’s life was once derailed by a nervous breakdown, she has disclosed.

She suffered panic attacks that brought her to “the brink of utter insanity” and made her believe that assassins were lurking in the audience when she appeared on stage. Lumley relived her darkest moments in a conversation with Lord Bragg, the broadcaster, who has suffered his own mental health problems. Their encounter was filmed for Living The Life, a series on Sky Arts.

The actress’s breakdown occurred in her mid-20s, while she was in a West End play and struggling to raise her young son, Jamie, as a single mother. Referring to it as “a bit of a wobbler”, she told Bragg: “I was on stage and I began to see people levelling guns at me out of the boxes. “I’d see the glint of a rifle, I’d see it levelling down and I used to work out how I could throw myself in front of this actor so I could protect them but also bring us both down to the ground.”

She walked out of the play but her condition worsened. “I couldn’t cross the road, I didn’t dare go into shops, I had to concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. It’s panic attacks and you are on the brink of utter insanity,” she said. Lumley overcame it through hypnosis and by talking herself through her fears. “I knew I was going to make myself waterproof against it. It would not happen again, not on my watch,” she said.

She believes her breakdown was born of money worries. “It was Marmite on toast for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper,” she said. “There was nothing else to eat, we were so poor. I chopped up towel rails to burn on the fire. I was happy and it didn’t matter but we were skint and I couldn’t see how I would manage to be a good enough parent to my darling boy and how I would actually get through life.”

Bragg has suffered two breakdowns: when he was 13 and after the suicide of his first wife, Lisa Roche, in 1971. Recalling his schoolboy ordeal, he said: “It started in bed. I had this little bedroom, a bit like a narrow cell, and something that was inside my head left my head and drifted across the room and was in the top right hand corner of the room. “It was something like a light but I knew that it was me and I didn’t know what this was. I was frozen. It got to be chronic and my school results went plunging and I got really physically frightened. “And there was absolutely nobody on Earth I could tell, I couldn’t even hint it to anybody because I’m finding it hard enough to talk about now.  “It came back in my 20s, early 30s, with a sort of vengeance for about a year and I thought I’d had it.”

Bragg went on to become the president of Mind, the mental health charity, and urged fellow sufferers to take heart. “I got through it and that is really important to tell people,” he said.  “For the last 40 years I’ve felt nervy now and then but nothing’s happened and I’ve done a lot of work and made friends and brought up a family and done this, that and the other. I’ve got through a lot of stuff so you can get through it.”

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Hypnotherapy Can Cure IBS – Research Shows

Doctors have shown that hypnotherapy can cure IBS in 70 per cent of cases. More than 60 patients with irritable bowel syndrome, which can include pain, cramps, nausea, diarrhoea and constipation, are being treated by a hypnotherapist each week.

IBS affects up to 15 per cent of the population and the team at Wythenshawe Hospital now has people from across the country wanting to join the 18-month waiting list for a course of 12 hypnotherapy sessions.

Claire Brunton, 22, from Offerton, suffered cramps from IBS so badly that she stopped wanting to eat and was on the verge of anorexia. She also had panic attacks with worrying about becoming ill. But during the hypnotherapy she learnt techniques to stop the panics and cope with the pain. Now a year after finishing the treatment, she found it helped her cope with final university exams and gave her the confidence to started working as a recruitment consultant.

Claire said: “Hypnotherapy is a very strange thing to try to describe, your therapist helps you to relax slowly but you are awake and conscious throughout – it feels like the last few moments before you go to sleep when you still know what is happening around you.  “IBS was taking over my life. I had started to worry I would not be able to hold down a job and I didn’t want to eat because I felt like everything I ate made me sick, so I’d tried all kinds of herbal remedies and acupuncture before the hypnotherapy.”

As well as having hypnotherapy, Claire had blood tests which showed she was allergic to dairy and wheat products and she now avoids them. Pamela Cruickshanks, one of three clinical hypnotherapists at Wythenshawe, said: “We provide patients with 12 sessions of `gut-directed hypnotherapy’, which teach patients to take control over their bowel.  “Due to the success of this treatment, patients are coming from all over the country to access our services, and hypnosis is now considered to be the treatment of choice for moderate to severe IBS.”

Studies at Wythenshawe Hospital have shown that the quality of life for sufferers with severe forms of IBS can be worse than for those with heart disease, diabetes or renal failure.

Hypnotherapy can cure IBS in almost all cases is a fantastic result showing the power of the mind to heal the body. Hypnosis has long been a cure for IBS and it is achieving great results. Hypnosis for IBS is a pain free and drug free treatment that is extremely effective in allaying the symptoms.

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Another study Links High Stress Levels To Reduced Chances Of Pregnancy

The study — by researchers at Oxford University and the United States National Institutes of Health – is the first to link stress to a reduced chance of pregnancy. The results suggest that finding ways to reduce stress levels could play an important role in helping women become pregnant. High stress levels have long been believed to affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, however until now there has been no evidence to support the theory.

Researchers studied the ovulation cycles of 274 United Kingdom women aged between 18 and 40 who were trying to conceive. The women gave saliva samples, which researchers analysed to determine the levels of specific hormones which act as markers of stress.

“Overall, the 25 percent of women in the study who had the highest alpha-amylase levels had roughly an estimated 12 percent reduction in getting pregnant each cycle in comparison to women with the lowest concentrations,” said Dr Germaine Buck Louis, a director at the NICHD. She said stress levels often increased with the disappointment of failing to conceive. “The question is: ‘What do you do to help women to relax?’ People often turn to alcohol or tobacco to relieve stress, but these substances also reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.”

Comment from Sjanie: ‘Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to relax and reduce stress. Spending 20 minutes a day in a state of hypnotic relaxation can rebalance stress hormone levels and boost fertility. Learning how to enter a state of hypnosis is easy and everyone can do it.’

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