NHS to reward Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

NHS wants to reward people for having Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy has been in the news a lot recently as more and more people have become aware that Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can help them lose weight. Recently a 56-year-old woman spoke about how she lost three stone with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and now the NHS are starting to listen.

The NHS knows that if people lose weight it will save the NHS a great deal of money. In this country we are seeing more and more Obese people which is causing the NHS a great strain on their finances with more and more people having major health problems due to being overweight.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Evidence (NICE) who came up with the idea to reward people to stop smoking to help reduce the strain on the NHS finances have now looked at extending the scheme to reward people who have Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to lose weight.

One suggestion has been put forward where people who use Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to lose weight could be given £425 after a successful scheme in Kent took place helping people to lose weight.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to lose weight, changing the clients view of food which helps them keep the weight off.

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Woman lost one stone in six weeks with Weight Loss Hypnosis

A Cumbria woman was amazed to find that she lost one stone in just six weeks by using Weight Loss Hypnosis. Weight Loss Hypnosis has become huge news in the press recently and has become a valued tool for people who want to lose weight but have struggled with traditional diets.

Belinda Darrington from Cumbria tried to lose weight with traditional diets but struggled for years and was desperate to lose weight before her wedding day. After being told about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Belinda decided to see a weight loss expert in Hypnotherapy to see if they could help her.

“I’ve struggled with my weight for years,” said Belinda in an interview with the paper in April, scant months before her wedding in June. “I’ve been in denial. I’m 5ft 10in and I’d like to get to 11 stone – I’ve got about four and a half stone to go.” Belinda said I was amazed at how it worked.

The hypnotherapist re-trained my mind to help me lose weight and programmed my mind for me to eat less. “You don’t feel you’re on a diet although I am trying to eat more healthily. I’m not eating such fatty foods and I’m not eating chocolate in the week,” says Belinda.  “I don’t think I’ll change. That’s how I eat now.” Although Belinda has lost one stone already, she had been told this is just the start and she will continue to lose weight until she becomes her ideal weight.

Weight Loss Hypnosis is very effective at enabling clients to lose weight.

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