Equipoise Life – Terms & Conditions

My Commitment to Personal Service

  • I aim to treat all of my patients with respect and courtesy and ensure, as far as possible, that every visit is enjoyable.
  • I will undertake to determine the best therapy plan for you, and discuss this with you.
  • I will give you a quotation in advance of any treatment,
  • I will listen to you when you talk.
  • I will do my best to keep to time because all patients are important to me.
  • I will inform you if I require your GP’s permission before treating you. Where it is considered to be necessary, it is in your best interest.
  • I will keep confidential all information given to me, except in those circumstances where I am legally obliged. I will inform you if this is a possibility.
  • I will discuss with you fully any changes I consider necessary to the therapy plan. This could be to reduce or increase the agreed number of sessions, or changes to the content of the sessions.
  • I will agree a follow-up with you.

My Requirements of You

  • I ask that you attend for your appointment at the time agreed, and accept that if you arrive too late for me to be able to complete the treatment planned, that you are rescheduled to avoid running behind for following patients. Be prepared to turn off your phone.
  • I ask that you pay for your treatment at the appointment, unless other arrangements have been agreed.
  • I ask that you be prepared to discuss your treatment with your GP, and ask for his/her permission if requested.
  • I ask that you inform me of any prescribed medication or medical treatment you are receiving prior to the appointment.
  • If you have been receiving treatment from your GP or other healthcare professional I ask that you keep them informed of any improvement as a result of your therapy.
  • Homework assignments given as part of your therapy plan. I would expect you to complete them or provide an explanation for not doing so.
  • I ask that if you are happy with the service you have received that you recommend me to a family member, friend, colleague; and that you will let me have a written testimonial for me to show to others who are considering similar treatment. Confidentiality will be assured.

Payment for Treatment

  • Payment can be made by cash or cheque at the appointment.
  • Should appointments need to be changed I request 24 hours notice where possible. Should this notice not be given then I may charge a late cancellation fee of £20 to offset some of the overheads for the time reserved for your appointment.
  • Payment terms are available by negotiation.


  • I undertake to give you the best treatment that I can.
  • To gain the greatest benefit from your treatment I recommend that the therapy plan be completed. Sometimes, the initial improvement seems enough, but unresolved issues may undermine the longer term benefits achieved. Similarly, initially, progress may not be apparent. This could be for a number of reasons, some of which may be outside of your immediate awareness.

Referral Reward Programme

  • This scheme seeks to recognise those who continue to support my therapy practice, by recommending my services to others, by rewarding the referrer with gift vouchers for each referral that results in attendance at a therapy session. Implicit in this scheme is that confidentiality is paramount. No one will be informed of a patient/clients attendance without their express agreement.
  • The Valued Referrer Scheme is open to anyone, the rewards of those who choose not to receive their rewards in vouchers will be given to The Christie NHS Foundation Trust who specialize in the treatment of cancer and associated diseases.


  • Children under the age of 16 are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. In other circumstances, the client may be accompanied by another person.
  • Therapy sessions may be recorded for the purpose of professional audit. You will be informed if this is the case prior to the session beginning. (Parts of the therapy may be recorded solely for use by you as part of your therapy, if you expressly wish it).
  • The first appointment takes between 1 and 1½ hours. Subsequent sessions where required are 1 hour.