Joanna Lumley on the brink of insanity: Hypnosis Cured Panic Attacks


As an actress she has appeared to take it all in her stride, and in her campaigning for Gurkhas’ rights she showed a notably cool head under fire.  But Joanna Lumley’s life was once derailed by a nervous breakdown, she has disclosed.

She suffered panic attacks that brought her to “the brink of utter insanity” and made her believe that assassins were lurking in the audience when she appeared on stage. Lumley relived her darkest moments in a conversation with Lord Bragg, the broadcaster, who has suffered his own mental health problems. Their encounter was filmed for Living The Life, a series on Sky Arts.

The actress’s breakdown occurred in her mid-20s, while she was in a West End play and struggling to raise her young son, Jamie, as a single mother. Referring to it as “a bit of a wobbler”, she told Bragg: “I was on stage and I began to see people levelling guns at me out of the boxes. “I’d see the glint of a rifle, I’d see it levelling down and I used to work out how I could throw myself in front of this actor so I could protect them but also bring us both down to the ground.”

She walked out of the play but her condition worsened. “I couldn’t cross the road, I didn’t dare go into shops, I had to concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. It’s panic attacks and you are on the brink of utter insanity,” she said. Lumley overcame it through hypnosis and by talking herself through her fears. “I knew I was going to make myself waterproof against it. It would not happen again, not on my watch,” she said.

She believes her breakdown was born of money worries. “It was Marmite on toast for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper,” she said. “There was nothing else to eat, we were so poor. I chopped up towel rails to burn on the fire. I was happy and it didn’t matter but we were skint and I couldn’t see how I would manage to be a good enough parent to my darling boy and how I would actually get through life.”

Bragg has suffered two breakdowns: when he was 13 and after the suicide of his first wife, Lisa Roche, in 1971. Recalling his schoolboy ordeal, he said: “It started in bed. I had this little bedroom, a bit like a narrow cell, and something that was inside my head left my head and drifted across the room and was in the top right hand corner of the room. “It was something like a light but I knew that it was me and I didn’t know what this was. I was frozen. It got to be chronic and my school results went plunging and I got really physically frightened. “And there was absolutely nobody on Earth I could tell, I couldn’t even hint it to anybody because I’m finding it hard enough to talk about now.  “It came back in my 20s, early 30s, with a sort of vengeance for about a year and I thought I’d had it.”

Bragg went on to become the president of Mind, the mental health charity, and urged fellow sufferers to take heart. “I got through it and that is really important to tell people,” he said.  “For the last 40 years I’ve felt nervy now and then but nothing’s happened and I’ve done a lot of work and made friends and brought up a family and done this, that and the other. I’ve got through a lot of stuff so you can get through it.”

Hypnosis for panic attacks and anxiety is fast becoming the number one treatment for anxiety related issues. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks is a very effective treatment, enabling the client to relax fully and embrace life rather than shut themselves away. Anxiety is a debilitating condition, by using hypnosis to cure anxiety clients lead a full and engaging life.

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Hypnobirthing for pain free labour – New Research

More than 800 British women have volunteered to hypnotise themselves during childbirth to see if they can go without painkillers for a new medical trial.

The National Health Service (NHS) has launched an 18-month study into “hypnobirthing” to assess whether women can give birth without the use of epidurals and other drugs, the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported.

The trial will be run by the University of Central Lancashire and will involve more than 800 expectant mothers. The volunteers will attempt to use “self-hypnosis techniques” while in labour to achieve a “deep sense of relaxation”. The women will attend a 90-minute training session in the weeks before they give birth, and will be given a calming CD to listen to in the delivery room. Painkillers will be available for the women if necessary, but they will be strongly encouraged to rely on their newly taught relaxation techniques.

There has been a growing trend for natural births in the past year, and more expectant mothers are looking for drug-free methods of managing the pain of childbirth. According to HypnoBirthing specialist, hypnobirthing is one the increase with more women using self-hypnosis to give birth without drugs.

She has used the technique during all three of her pregnancies, and insists pain during labour is a “myth”. She says women only feel pain because they are scared and anxious after hearing “horror stories” about childbirth from other women.

“Childbirth is not something to be feared; it is a natural expression of life,” the HypnoBirthing expert continues. “With hypnobirthing, your pregnancy and childbirth will become the gentle, life-affirming process it was meant to be.

“Through private or small group classes, we will remove the myth of pain as a natural accompaniment to birth. It is not our bodies but our culture that has made childbirth a moment of anguish, and when we release the fear of birth, a fear that is keeping our bodies tense and closed, we will also release the pain.” Despite this, a recent study conducted by Britain’s Newcastle University found that most women underestimate the pain of the childbirth, and ask for painkillers despite previously vowing they wouldn’t.

Hypnobirthing is increasing in popularity, where new mothers are crying away from conventional drug and pain relief wanting a more natural whlseome birth. Hypnosis for childbirth has been around for many years, but now hypnobirthing is achieving headlines as celebrities and other mums are using hypnobirthing.

Hypnotherapy for labour benefits the mother in many ways, a pain free birth, quicker birth and more relaxing as you are taught to embrace childbirth and are able to deal with the pain. Hypnobirthing also involves the father in the birthing process.

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Depression Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Emotional Barriers

Do you feel down most of the time? Are there times when you can’t stop crying? Depression Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your problems!  Depression is one of the most common yet misunderstood illnesses in the world today.

These days, it is an ordinary occurrence for people to feel down at some point in their lives. There are so many triggers that can make a person depressed — stress from life in general including work, family, relationships, debt and personal problems — these are just some of the major reasons why most of us find ourselves in a depressed state.

In the past, very few options were available and most patients were forced to take pills for the rest of their lives. Thanks to the advancement of modern and alternative medicine, the doors have opened for a wide range of treatment options, including Psychotherapy or “talk therapy”, group therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Today, so many people are turning to hypnotherapists who are very adept at helping patients overcome their health problems, including depression. What makes hypnotherapy so appealing is the process itself. Expert hypnotherapists work with you in a soothing, calming environment to help you get rid of the anxieties and problems that are weighing you down.

The best part about depression hypnotherapy is you don’t have to relive negative and painful experiences from your past during your hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapists find the root causes of your depression using the most effective relaxing and meditative hypnotherapy treatment methods.  After hypnosis, you will emerge a happier, healthier you.

Depression Hypnotherapy finds the root cause of the depression in a relaxed way enabling the client to overcome their condition and gain a normal perspective.

Equipoise Life enables the client to re-evaluate their lives providing them with a new found interest and experience a change in outlook.

Hypnotherapy Can Cure IBS – Research Shows

Doctors have shown that hypnotherapy can cure IBS in 70 per cent of cases. More than 60 patients with irritable bowel syndrome, which can include pain, cramps, nausea, diarrhoea and constipation, are being treated by a hypnotherapist each week.

IBS affects up to 15 per cent of the population and the team at Wythenshawe Hospital now has people from across the country wanting to join the 18-month waiting list for a course of 12 hypnotherapy sessions.

Claire Brunton, 22, from Offerton, suffered cramps from IBS so badly that she stopped wanting to eat and was on the verge of anorexia. She also had panic attacks with worrying about becoming ill. But during the hypnotherapy she learnt techniques to stop the panics and cope with the pain. Now a year after finishing the treatment, she found it helped her cope with final university exams and gave her the confidence to started working as a recruitment consultant.

Claire said: “Hypnotherapy is a very strange thing to try to describe, your therapist helps you to relax slowly but you are awake and conscious throughout – it feels like the last few moments before you go to sleep when you still know what is happening around you.  “IBS was taking over my life. I had started to worry I would not be able to hold down a job and I didn’t want to eat because I felt like everything I ate made me sick, so I’d tried all kinds of herbal remedies and acupuncture before the hypnotherapy.”

As well as having hypnotherapy, Claire had blood tests which showed she was allergic to dairy and wheat products and she now avoids them. Pamela Cruickshanks, one of three clinical hypnotherapists at Wythenshawe, said: “We provide patients with 12 sessions of `gut-directed hypnotherapy’, which teach patients to take control over their bowel.  “Due to the success of this treatment, patients are coming from all over the country to access our services, and hypnosis is now considered to be the treatment of choice for moderate to severe IBS.”

Studies at Wythenshawe Hospital have shown that the quality of life for sufferers with severe forms of IBS can be worse than for those with heart disease, diabetes or renal failure.

Hypnotherapy can cure IBS in almost all cases is a fantastic result showing the power of the mind to heal the body. Hypnosis has long been a cure for IBS and it is achieving great results. Hypnosis for IBS is a pain free and drug free treatment that is extremely effective in allaying the symptoms.

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Another study Links High Stress Levels To Reduced Chances Of Pregnancy

The study — by researchers at Oxford University and the United States National Institutes of Health – is the first to link stress to a reduced chance of pregnancy. The results suggest that finding ways to reduce stress levels could play an important role in helping women become pregnant. High stress levels have long been believed to affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, however until now there has been no evidence to support the theory.

Researchers studied the ovulation cycles of 274 United Kingdom women aged between 18 and 40 who were trying to conceive. The women gave saliva samples, which researchers analysed to determine the levels of specific hormones which act as markers of stress.

“Overall, the 25 percent of women in the study who had the highest alpha-amylase levels had roughly an estimated 12 percent reduction in getting pregnant each cycle in comparison to women with the lowest concentrations,” said Dr Germaine Buck Louis, a director at the NICHD. She said stress levels often increased with the disappointment of failing to conceive. “The question is: ‘What do you do to help women to relax?’ People often turn to alcohol or tobacco to relieve stress, but these substances also reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.”

Comment from Sjanie: ‘Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to relax and reduce stress. Spending 20 minutes a day in a state of hypnotic relaxation can rebalance stress hormone levels and boost fertility. Learning how to enter a state of hypnosis is easy and everyone can do it.’

To find out more about the research study click here

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NHS to reward Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

NHS wants to reward people for having Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy has been in the news a lot recently as more and more people have become aware that Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can help them lose weight. Recently a 56-year-old woman spoke about how she lost three stone with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and now the NHS are starting to listen.

The NHS knows that if people lose weight it will save the NHS a great deal of money. In this country we are seeing more and more Obese people which is causing the NHS a great strain on their finances with more and more people having major health problems due to being overweight.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Evidence (NICE) who came up with the idea to reward people to stop smoking to help reduce the strain on the NHS finances have now looked at extending the scheme to reward people who have Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to lose weight.

One suggestion has been put forward where people who use Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to lose weight could be given £425 after a successful scheme in Kent took place helping people to lose weight.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to lose weight, changing the clients view of food which helps them keep the weight off.

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Woman lost one stone in six weeks with Weight Loss Hypnosis

A Cumbria woman was amazed to find that she lost one stone in just six weeks by using Weight Loss Hypnosis. Weight Loss Hypnosis has become huge news in the press recently and has become a valued tool for people who want to lose weight but have struggled with traditional diets.

Belinda Darrington from Cumbria tried to lose weight with traditional diets but struggled for years and was desperate to lose weight before her wedding day. After being told about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Belinda decided to see a weight loss expert in Hypnotherapy to see if they could help her.

“I’ve struggled with my weight for years,” said Belinda in an interview with the paper in April, scant months before her wedding in June. “I’ve been in denial. I’m 5ft 10in and I’d like to get to 11 stone – I’ve got about four and a half stone to go.” Belinda said I was amazed at how it worked.

The hypnotherapist re-trained my mind to help me lose weight and programmed my mind for me to eat less. “You don’t feel you’re on a diet although I am trying to eat more healthily. I’m not eating such fatty foods and I’m not eating chocolate in the week,” says Belinda.  “I don’t think I’ll change. That’s how I eat now.” Although Belinda has lost one stone already, she had been told this is just the start and she will continue to lose weight until she becomes her ideal weight.

Weight Loss Hypnosis is very effective at enabling clients to lose weight.

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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Uses Hypnobirthing for pain free labour

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen claims she didn’t feel any pain when she was in labour with her eight-week-old son Benjamin. The Brazilian supermodel – who welcomed son Benjamin, her first child with husband Tom Brady, into the world in December – insists the labour didn’t hurt because she used hypnosis and meditation techniques.

She told Brazilian TV station Fantasticoshe: “It didn’t hurt in the slightest. The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought, ‘My baby is closer to coming out.’ “It wasn’t like, ‘This is so painful.’ So I transformed that intense feeling into a hope of seeing him.”

Gisele – who is also stepmother to Tom’s two-year-old son John – fell intensely in love with Benjamin as soon as he was born. She said: “It’s wonderful. Never in my life I thought I could love like this. You hear people talking about it, but you don’t know until it happens to you. I couldn’t be happier.” Gisele, 29, also revealed she is breastfeeding her son, and while it’s very tiring, she is enjoying every moment of it.

Hypnobirthing is increasingly being used by new parents that want a pain free and drug free labour. By using hypnosis for labour both mother and baby benefit from the hypnosis, the labour is shorter, less painful, baby is less stressed and following the birth the baby sleeps better as no drugs were used, as it is 100% natural and no side effects. Hypnobirthing has a positive effect on both parents and by using hypnosis the father can become more involved in the birthing process. Hypno birthing involves both the mum and dad in a fabulous experience and gives the dad more meaning in his role in the birthing process.

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How can hypnosis help fertility problems?

The effects of stress on health have been widely documented and have become recognised as one of the major contributing factors to poor health. Recently I read an article that said 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress and that 75% to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. Since all the different systems of are body, are in constant relationship with each other and the environment, it is not surprising that anything which affects our overall health will have a negative impact on fertility. It is also know that stress directly affects the hormonal system.

The Hypothalamus regulates both the stress response as well as sex hormones and so prolonged periods of stress will create hormonal imbalances which can result in problems conceiving. During times of stress a hyper stimulated nervous system will send less blood to the uterus and ovaries, thereby impairing their optimal functioning. The fight or flight response, which is nature’s way of helping us to deal with the stress, will trigger the release of adrenaline which also inhibits the production of progesterone. After a prolonged period of stress and decreased levels of progesterone, the menstrual cycle will be affected and fertility may also be impeded.

Fortunately, when we enter a state of hypnosis by directing our attention on increasing comfort, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, giving rise to what is known as the relaxation response. When the relaxation response is activated we enter a state of deep physical relaxation. This response works in opposition to the ‘fight or flight response’ and counteracts the body’s physical and emotional response to stress allowing it to return to a calm balanced state. Whilst in this state there is a measurable decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, stress hormone levels and muscle tension and people experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation. So simply being in the state of hypnosis can help to increase fertility.

If however we don’t deal with the underlying issues that are maintaining these high levels of stress, the person is likely to continue feeling anxious. So whilst teaching people self hypnosis can be of huge benefit, it is equally important to address any unhealthy beliefs and lifestyle habits that may be contributing to high levels of stress.

Although reducing stress is an important goal during hypnotherapy, there are many other ways in which hypnosis can be useful. In order to increase fertility it is often necessary that people address their diet and lifestyle. We know that making fundamental changes to lifelong habits is most easily done using hypnosis since this tool gives us access to that part of us that stores these patterns of behaviour. Many couples are encouraged to follow a detox regime prior to undergoing fertility treatment, which can be really well supported through hypnotherapy.

When working with fertility problems it is important to always bear in mind that what the couple wants is to conceive and most importantly to go on to have a family and become parents. Helping couples to prepare for parenthood can be a vital part of the therapeutic process. Often couples have spent so much time ‘struggling’ to conceive and navigating through all the various medical treatments available that they have lost sight of what it is all about. Helping couples to prepare, includes helping them to feel they have all the tools and resources they need to for medical treatment, as well as helping them to prepare for pregnancy and birth. Sometimes during this work the woman may become aware that she is in fact terrified of giving birth. Helping her to address this fear so that she feels confident and comfortable about giving birth, can often help increase the chances of conception. Our fears are registered and acknowledged by our bodies, and we unconsciously work towards avoiding situations and experiences which we perceive as threatening or dangerous. Equally I have found that any strong fears about pregnancy, parenthood or their relationship can unconsciously prevent conception.

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Smoking risk for middle aged men

Middle aged men who smoke, have high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels may shorten their lives by up to 15 years.

Research published by the British Medical Journal showed improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels proportionate with giving up smoking.  The study of 19,000 men aged between 40 and 69 showed their average levels of blood pressure and cholesterol fell by two-thirds when two thirds of those studied gave up smoking.

Those men who smoked and had high blood pressure and raised cholesterol at the age of 50, had their life expectancy cut by ten years compared with men who had none of those risk factors.  When taking into account other risk factors such as diabetes and employment grade, the research showed the 5 per cent of men with lowest scores had their life expectancy cut by 15 years.

The research suggested the government should fund more activities that promote improved heart health to increase life expectancy. . Smoking cuts years off your life, but by stopping smoking quickly and easily with hypnotherapy you can start to look and feel great as a non smoker.

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