Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence & Self Esteem Hypnosis, EFT, CBT and NLP therapies can all help you but certainly not by waving a watch in your face and saying “you will become more confident!” as often seen in old films and cartoons. Hypnosis … Continue reading


Depression Depression can affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you’re thinking ‘what can I do to help with depression’, consider using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is one of the most effective treatments for depression and is a … Continue reading

Driving Test Fear

Drving Test Fear Over one million people take the UK driving test each year. Driving instructors will tell you that many people fail their driving test not because of a lack of driving ability, but because of driving test anxiety … Continue reading

Flying Fear

Fear of Flying? Do you dream of Barbados but settle for Bournemouth? If so, you’re not alone. Fear of flying is a surprisingly common problem which can severely limit your horizons, be it for business or pleasure. However, hypnosis can … Continue reading


Irritable Bowel Syndrome Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) precise causes are not known but doctors suggest it could be brought on by a variety of things such as food, exercise, hormones and stress. In a recent study for the British Medical … Continue reading


Insomnia Insomnia and sleep problems tend to start in isolation but can soon develop into bad habits. If you think you won’t be able to sleep, it’s almost certain that you won’t. Hypnotherapy can help you to develop new expectations … Continue reading


Hypnosis – The Greatest of Motivational Tools In all areas of life, be it sports, business, careers, etc, the most successful people are often the most motivated. There are many theories of how we can develop self motivation but one … Continue reading

Pain Control

Pain Control Equipoise Life commonly use hypnotherapy to treat many forms of pain – migraines, dental pain, IBS, and pain from long-term illness or disease. Depending on the issue, we often work on your awareness of pain triggers and we … Continue reading


Phobias Hypnotherapy is particularly renowned for its effectiveness in dealing with phobias and fears and can provide the freedom to enable you to live life to the full. Phobias are irrational fears of things, such as: flying social situations fear … Continue reading