Pain Control

Pain Control

Equipoise Life commonly use hypnotherapy to treat many forms of pain – migraines, dental pain, IBS, and pain from long-term illness or disease.

Depending on the issue, we often work on your awareness of pain triggers and we teach you exactly how to deeply relax using a wide variety of deep relaxation techniques. If it is appropriate, we also use techniques designed to change your perception of the pain, so that it becomes mild discomfort instead or we use distraction techniques so that you can direct your focus on much more favourable memories or thoughts instead. In short, the main aim with pain management using hypnotherapy is to allow you to feel in control and able to relax, distract yourself and to focus on positive outcomes. We teach you breathing techniques and discuss practical ways for you to minimise discomfort.

  • Post-operative pain – where traditional painkillers aren’t appropriate, perhaps because the patient is afraid needles or allergic to medication.

  • Phantom limb pain – amputees sometimes experience pain from limbs which have been removed, and research has shown that hypnosis has had impressive results in treating this kind of pain.

  • Palliative care – terminally ill patients to manage their pain and improve their quality of life.

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