Panic Attacks

Overcome Panic Attacks

Put an end to panic attacks with hypnosis and live free!

It can feel as though the world is crashing down around you. The pressure in your chest makes it hard to breathe as your heart pounds faster than you ever thought possible. You start to sweat as waves of panic wash over you, each one stronger than the last. What is the cause of this horrific fear? Why do you feel so overwhelmed and out of control?

Panic attacks do serve a purpose. They are actually an integral part of our body’s natural defence mechanism.  These episodes may have begun in response to an actual high stress situation, but they can continue to resurface long after the incident has passed.

This intense experience does not only appear as a result of a physical threat; our minds can create the same response as the result of an overload of stress. You might not even notice you are under so much pressure. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t even realise the level of emotional exhaustion we are facing until our bodies react in this exaggerated response. It definitely gets your attention.

With the help of hypnotherapy you can learn to recognise the feelings that precede your panic attacks and release the hold they have on your life. There is a safe place in which to face these things. A place where you can go any time you wish and truly relax.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • No longer be paralysed by fear and panic.

  • Learn to relax and let go of stress.

  • Have a stronger mind-body connection.

With the help of hypnotherapy you can feel more at ease on a daily basis and have a better understanding of the impact stress and anxiety has on your body.